Report of Findings

Report of Findings


As practitioners, we have all been trained that we need to include a Report of Findings for each and every one of our patients.

Depending on where you studied, or what you have researched, you may have discovered that there are a number of different formats for your Report of Findings. But how do you choose which one will work best in your office?

Dr. Pisciottano ran into that same problem when he graduated. And what he had found was that there wasn’t one that really gave him all of the benefits he was looking for. So he created his own.

You see, when a Report of Findings is done properly, a patient should be properly pre-disposed, which means that they know exactly what their condition is, how their treatment plan will work, when to expect results and when they should be coming back in for maintenance.

It should all start with a proper consultation on Day 1. You should never treat a patient on Day 1. Rather, you take that appointment and gather all of the information regarding the patient’s condition as possible. Learn about your patient and what they have tried for the problem, if they’ve been treated before, etc. This does 2 things: Creates a bond and shows the patient that you truly care.

On Day 2, you should meet with the patient again and deliver to them the information and diagnosis that you have come up with. Give them a proper education on their condition, what is causing it and what can be done to treat it.
From there, you must layout their treatment plan. How many visits? How many times per week? Post-Treatment therapies. When to expect results. How to maintain their results. Etc.

This gives them an idea of where they are heading and plants the idea that YOU are the medical expert.
Then on Day 3, you can begin your treatments.

As you go through the treatments with the patients, it’s imperative to keep them informed of the progress and how things are coming along.

You should always revisit and redo a report of findings with you patients.

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